The Best Horse Racing Movies to Watch Before the 2023 Belmont Stakes

With the 2023 Belmont Stakes just around the corner, there’s no better way to get into the racing spirit than by watching some of the best horse racing movies of all time. These films capture the excitement, drama, and passion of the sport, and are sure to get you pumped up for the big race.

One of the top movies on our list is Seabiscuit, a heartwarming film based on the true story of a small horse with a big heart. Secretariat is another must-watch, chronicling the incredible journey of the legendary Triple Crown winner. For a biographical drama, check out Phar Lap, which tells the story of one of Australia’s greatest racehorses.

If you’re in the mood for a thrilling movie, Hidalgo is a great choice. This film follows a cowboy and his mustang as they race against the best horses in the world. Ruffian, on the other hand, is a heartbreaking story about one of the greatest fillies in horse racing history.

To add some comedy to your viewing experience, Let It Ride is a hilarious movie about a gambler who bets all his money on a horse race. For documentary lovers, Winning Colors provides an in-depth look at the famous racehorse who made history by winning the Kentucky Derby in 1988. And for a truly inspiring story, check out Dark Horse, which tells the tale of a group of working-class friends who take on the elite world of horse racing.

Last but not least, Let’s Go is a montage of horse racing footage that will get you pumped up and ready for the 2023 Belmont Stakes. Don’t miss out on these incredible movies that capture the beauty and excitement of horse racing!


Seabiscuit is a movie adaptation of Laura Hillenbrand’s novel of the same name, based on the true story of Seabiscuit, a small racehorse with a big heart. The movie tells the story of how Seabiscuit went from being an underdog to one of the most successful racehorses in history. The film captures the essence of horse racing and its emotional appeal to fans of the sport. Released in 2003, this movie was a critical and commercial success, receiving seven Academy Award nominations and grossing over $140 million worldwide. It features an exceptional cast, including Tobey Maguire, Jeff Bridges, and Chris Cooper, who deliver powerful performances that stay with you long after the movie ends. For any horse racing enthusiast, Seabiscuit is a must-watch movie that showcases the grit, determination, and heart that make horse racing a thrilling sport.


If you’re a fan of horse racing, then Secretariat is a must-watch film. It follows the incredible journey of the legendary Triple Crown winner, Secretariat, and his owner, Penny Chenery, played by Diane Lane. The film showcases Secretariat’s dominating performances during the Triple Crown races, where he set records that still stand today. In addition to depicting the horse’s racing prowess, the movie also showcases the behind-the-scenes efforts of Chenery and her team to bring Secretariat to the top. With outstanding performances and excellent cinematography, Secretariat is an inspiring film that captures the thrill and excitement of horse racing.

  • Cast: Diane Lane, John Malkovich, Margo Martindale, Nelsan Ellis
  • Director: Randall Wallace
  • Release Date: October 8, 2010

Phar Lap

If you are a fan of horse racing, you must watch the biographical drama, Phar Lap. This movie tells the story of one of Australia’s greatest racehorses. Phar Lap was a chestnut gelding, who won numerous races in Australia and went on to become an international celebrity. The movie follows Phar Lap’s life, from his humble beginnings to his remarkable success on the racecourse.

The movie shows how Phar Lap became a symbol of hope during the Great Depression, as people around the world looked to him as a source of inspiration. The film also explores the controversy surrounding Phar Lap’s death, which has remained a mystery for decades. If you are interested in horse racing or Australian history, this movie is a must-watch. The cinematography and storytelling are superb, and the performances are excellent. Phar Lap is sure to entertain and inspire audiences of all ages.


If you are looking for a thrilling horse racing movie, then Hidalgo is the perfect choice for you. This movie is based on the incredible true story of a cowboy named Frank Hopkins and his mustang, Hidalgo, who were challenged to participate in a grueling 3,000-mile endurance race across the Arabian desert.

The movie showcases the remarkable bond between man and animal as Frank and Hidalgo race against some of the world’s finest Arabian horses. The tension builds as they face treacherous terrain, extreme weather conditions, and dangerous competitors who will stop at nothing to emerge victorious.

  • The cinematography in Hidalgo is stunning, with breathtaking desert landscapes and thrilling horse racing scenes that will leave you on the edge of your seat.
  • The movie celebrates the power of determination, courage, and the unbreakable bond between a cowboy and his horse, making it a perfect choice for all movie lovers and horse racing enthusiasts alike.

Overall, Hidalgo is an action-packed and inspiring movie that is sure to leave you feeling captivated and exhilarated. Don’t miss out on this thrilling horse racing adventure that will take you on a journey of a lifetime.


Ruffian was considered as one of the greatest fillies in horse racing history. She was born in 1972, and her racing career was exceptional. With eleven consecutive wins, she quickly became a fan favorite and a symbol of female dominance in a male-dominated sport. However, her journey came to a tragic end in 1975 when she broke her right foreleg during a match race against Foolish Pleasure.

Despite all efforts to save her, Ruffian’s injury was so severe that she had to be euthanized. Her tragic death shook the racing community, and her legacy lives on as a symbol of the dangers and sacrifices involved in horse racing. A bronze statue of Ruffian was erected in Belmont Park to honor her memory and celebrate her incredible achievements.

Let It Ride

If you’re in the mood for a lighthearted horse racing movie, ‘Let It Ride’ is the perfect pick. This 1989 comedy film follows a lovable gambler named Jay Trotter who places all his savings on a horse race. The day of the race becomes a wild adventure as he navigates through the ups and downs of horse racing, all while dealing with his eccentric friends.

The film boasts a star-studded cast, with Richard Dreyfuss playing the lead role as Jay Trotter. Teri Garr, Jennifer Tilly, and David Johansen also add to the comedic charm of the movie. ‘Let It Ride’ may not be the most serious horse racing story, but its humor and absurdity make it a fun and entertaining watch.

  • Year released: 1989
  • Director: Joe Pytka
  • Notable cast: Richard Dreyfuss, Teri Garr, Jennifer Tilly, David Johansen

Winning Colors

If you’re a horse racing fan, you have definitely heard about Winning Colors. This legendary filly was the talk of the racing world in 1988 when she became the first filly to win the Kentucky Derby since 1915. Her story is now covered in the documentary titled Winning Colors, which takes a closer look at her life and journey to the top.

The documentary provides a detailed account of this remarkable thoroughbred’s career and provides insights into her accomplishments, including her impressive win at the Kentucky Derby. Directed by Paul Wagner, Winning Colors is a must-watch for any horse racing enthusiast who wants to learn more about the history of the sport and the legendary horses that have left their mark through their compelling stories and achievements. So, set aside some time to watch this fantastic documentary and relive the greatness of Winning Colors!

Dark Horse

The Dark Horse is an inspiring documentary film that showcases the power of determination and hope in the world of horse racing. The movie tells the story of a group of working-class friends who decide to take on the elite world of horse racing by training an untamed horse named Dream Alliance for the Welsh Grand National.

The story is set in a small mining village in South Wales, where Dream Alliance was born and raised. The group of friends, who never had any experience in horse racing, formed a syndicate to pool their resources and invest in Dream Alliance’s training and racing career. With the help of an experienced trainer, the friends navigated the ups and downs of the highly competitive world of horse racing, facing challenges and setbacks along the way.

The Dark Horse is a heartwarming story of courage, resilience, and the power of community. It highlights that anything is possible if you believe in your dreams and work hard to make them a reality. The movie is a must-watch for anyone who loves horse racing and wants to be inspired by the incredible human spirit.

50 to 1

If you’re a fan of true underdog stories, then you won’t want to miss the incredible journey of Mine That Bird in the movie “50 to 1.” Despite being a longshot with 50-1 odds, Mine That Bird defied all expectations by winning the 2009 Kentucky Derby in an unprecedented upset.

The film follows the journey of Mine That Bird and his team, including his trainer Chip Woolley and jockey Calvin Borel, as they navigate the racing world and prepare for the biggest race of their lives. Against all odds and with plenty of setbacks along the way, the team perseveres and ultimately triumphs in a moment that will forever be remembered in horse racing history.

  • Learn about the incredible bond between Mine That Bird and his jockey, Calvin Borel
  • Discover the challenges faced by Mine That Bird and his team on their path to victory
  • Experience the thrilling moments of the 2009 Kentucky Derby and witness a true underdog story unfold

Watch “50 to 1” to experience the excitement and inspiration of Mine That Bird’s journey, and get ready for more unforgettable moments in horse racing history at the 2023 Belmont Stakes.

Let’s Go

If you’re looking to get pumped up for the 2023 Belmont Stakes and the world of horse racing, the horse racing montage Let’s Go is a great place to start. This video showcases the beauty and excitement of the sport, featuring some of the most thrilling moments in horse racing history. Whether you’re a lifelong fan or new to the sport, Let’s Go will leave you feeling inspired and ready to experience all the excitement that the Belmont Stakes has to offer.

The Let’s Go video is also a great tool for introducing new fans to the world of horse racing. By highlighting the speed, power, and athleticism of these magnificent animals, Let’s Go will captivate viewers and leave them wanting to learn more about the horses and jockeys that compete in this exhilarating sport. So sit back, watch the Let’s Go video, and get ready for the excitement of the 2023 Belmont Stakes!

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