The Dos and Donts of Instagram Stories

Having a consistent aesthetic for your Instagram Stories is crucial to establish your brand’s identity and make your Stories visually appealing. Using the same color scheme, fonts, and themes creates a cohesive look that your audience can easily recognize. It also helps you stand out from the crowd and increase your engagement rate. A consistent aesthetic doesn’t have to be overly complicated; simplicity is key to achieving a clean and polished look.

You can use apps or design tools to create templates for your Stories to maintain a consistent aesthetic easily. Overall, having a consistent aesthetic helps build trust, establish your brand’s identity, and increase engagement with your audience.

Do: Use a Consistent Aesthetic

Using a consistent aesthetic for your Instagram Stories is a must when trying to capture your audience’s attention and increase engagement. By using consistent colors, fonts, and themes that align with your brand or personal style, you can create a cohesive and visually appealing Story aesthetic. This not only helps in making your brand easily recognizable but also portrays a professional image. Using different themes and fonts in every Story may confuse your audience and lead to disengagement. By using a consistent aesthetic, you can establish a personal connection with your audience and create a lasting impression. So, make sure to take the time to create a consistent and visually appealing Story aesthetic that aligns with your brand or personal style.

Do: Include Interactive Elements

Instagram Stories provide an excellent opportunity to connect with your audience. One way to make your Stories more engaging and interactive is by using the various interactive elements available on the platform. These features include polls, quizzes, and questions that allow your followers to participate actively in your content and provide valuable feedback for your brand.

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By incorporating these features into your Instagram Stories, you can increase engagement and create a stronger connection with your audience. Moreover, the insights gathered from these interactive elements can help you understand your audience’s preferences and tailor your content accordingly, resulting in better engagement and increased brand loyalty.

So, don’t hesitate to use Instagram’s interactive features and explore new ways to engage with your followers. Whether you’re a business or an individual, incorporating interactive elements into your Stories is a must for any successful Instagram strategy.

Do: Optimize for Mobile Viewing


The majority of Instagram users access the platform from their mobile devices. Hence, it is imperative to optimize your Instagram Stories for mobile viewing. Use simple graphics, avoid too much text, and make sure the Story’s format is mobile-friendly.

Mobile optimization is crucial for any Instagram Story due to the platform’s majority mobile user base. To ensure the best user experience, keep in mind the mobile-friendly format while creating your story. Use large fonts and simple graphics to avoid clutter, and stay away from too much text, as it can become challenging to read on smaller screens. Additionally, it’s important to consider the Story’s format and aspect ratio to optimize for mobile viewing. Stick to the recommended size of 1080 pixels (width) by 1920 pixels (height) for vertical Stories, ensuring that your content does not get cropped or cut off from the edge. Implement these optimization methods to keep your followers fully engaged with your stories, no matter the device they view it on.

Don’t: Overshare

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses or individuals make while using Instagram Stories is oversharing. It’s crucial to strike a balance between posting enough content to keep your audience engaged and posting so frequently that it leads to disinterest and fatigue among your followers.

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Posting too much content in one Story or posting multiple times in a short span can be overwhelming for your audience. It’s essential to stick to a consistent and curated schedule that aligns with your brand or personal style and works best for your audience.

You can use Instagram Insights to analyze your Stories’ engagement and get insights into when your audience is most active. Based on this data, you can tailor your posting schedule to maximize your reach and engagement.

Don’t: Ignore Analytics

Instagram analytics tools provide in-depth insights that help you monitor your Story’s engagement, audience behavior, and preferences. These analytics tools offer a wealth of information such as the number of views, likes, shares, and interactions on your Story. By analyzing these metrics, you can understand what works and what doesn’t work in your Instagram Stories. This information helps you fine-tune your strategy, create engaging content, and increase your audience’s engagement. Don’t ignore these analytics tools; instead, make them an integral part of your Instagram Stories strategy. Use them to adapt your content strategy to suit your audience’s preferences and interests and create content that resonates with them.

Do: Add Captions or Text Overlays

Captions or text overlays are essential for any Instagram Story, as the majority of viewers watch Stories with the sound off. Adding captions or text overlays helps to convey your message effectively, even when users are not listening to the audio. It also makes your content accessible to individuals with hearing impairments, ensuring that everyone can engage with your content. To add captions or text overlays, simply use the various text options available within the Instagram Story creation tool. You can choose from different fonts, colors, and styles to create an engaging and visually appealing caption or text overlay. Additionally, using hashtags within your captions can help increase your visibility and reach a broader audience. So, always remember to add captions or text overlays to your Instagram Stories to make them accessible and engaging for all viewers.

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Do: Collaborate with Other Accounts

For both businesses and individuals, collaborating with other Instagram accounts is a great way to reach a wider audience and effectively promote your brand. Identify accounts that align with your brand and create examples of collaborations that provide value on Instagram Stories. This can help your brand grow organically and gain new followers.


Do: Experiment With New Features

One of the best ways to keep your Instagram Stories engaging and fresh is by experimenting with new features. Instagram introduces new features regularly, such as gifs, music stickers, and emoji sliders. By incorporating these features into your stories, you can offer unique and exciting content that will keep your audience interested and coming back for more.

Not only do these features provide new ways to engage with your audience, but they also help showcase your brand’s personality and style. For instance, the use of music stickers can help set the mood for your story and reflect the tone of your brand. Similarly, emoji sliders can be a fun and interactive way to gather feedback from your audience.

Moreover, experimenting with these features also helps you stay on top of the latest trends and keep your content fresh and up-to-date. By regularly incorporating new features into your Instagram Stories strategy, you can keep your audience engaged and maintain your brand’s relevance in a constantly changing social media landscape.

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