What Can I Eat After Teeth Whitening

Eating a healthy diet is important for your overall health, and eating right after teeth whitening can help to preserve your new smile. During the first 48 hours after treatment, you should avoid certain foods that can stain your newly whitened teeth.

While avoiding these foods isn’t always easy, it’s essential to protect your teeth during this period. Foods that stain include red meat, chocolate, and brightly colored fruits or vegetables.

White Cheese

If you’ve just had teeth whitening, your dentist will tell you to avoid certain foods and beverages that may cause staining for at least 24 hours. This includes dark-colored fruits and vegetables, red and white wine, and smoked meats.

If you must consume these foods, eat them in moderation. These foods tend to contain a lot of sugar, which can trigger decay-causing bacteria that can cause tooth sensitivity and staining.

Cheese is a great addition to your diet after teeth whitening as it contains calcium and phosphorus, which strengthens the enamel and gums. It also contains lactic acid, which helps fight plaque and prevent cavities by washing away food particles.

what can i eat after teeth whitening

Chewing hard cheeses, like cheddar, stimulates saliva flow and promotes the production of acids that neutralize acids in your mouth, preventing tooth decay and discoloration. This helps to keep your teeth and gums healthy, and a happy, bright smile!

White Rice

After you have had teeth whitening, there are some foods and beverages that you should avoid for a few days. These include fruit juices, coffee, tea, and dark wine.

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This is because these are acidic drinks that can weaken the enamel and make your teeth stain more easily. This is why your dentist will often recommend avoiding them after a teeth whitening treatment.

Other foods you can eat after your teeth whitening treatment are strawberries and oatmeal. These fruits have a high level of malic acid which can help dissolve superficial stains on your teeth.

These fruits also boost saliva production which can wash away food stains and prevent tooth decay.

Rice is a good food to eat after a teeth whitening treatment because it helps rebalance the pH levels in your mouth and won’t damage your enamel. It is also good for rehydration as it contains a lot of water.

White Meat

After teeth whitening, you’ll need to watch what you eat in order to protect your bright smile. It’s best to avoid stain-prone foods during the first 48 hours after treatment.

During this time, your teeth are more sensitive. This means you should avoid drinks that might discolor your teeth, such as red wine, coffee, tea, cola and fruit juices.

White meats like chicken, turkey, fish and rice are also a great choice for your teeth after teeth whitening. Light-colored meats are good for your teeth, and they don’t contain tannins or acids, which can re-stain your tooth enamel.

what can i eat after teeth whitening

Foods that are a good source of calcium are also a great choice for your teeth, especially cheeses, which provide your body with a natural defense against gum disease and tooth decay. Cheese is also a great source of protein and fiber.

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White Vegetables

During the first 24 hours after teeth whitening, it’s best to avoid eating sugary foods, such as cakes, cookies, and ice cream. These can trigger decay-causing bacteria, causing tooth irritation and staining.

Another food to eat after teeth whitening is white vegetables, such as carrots, broccoli, green beans, and celery. These crunchy veggies help scrub your teeth and increase the production of saliva, which is the mouth’s natural cleaning agent.

Aside from these vegetables, fruits that are high in Vitamin C, such as pears, bananas, and apples, can also help keep your smile bright. They also have the antioxidant flavonoids that neutralize acid in your mouth and reduce plaque buildup.

It’s important to drink lots of water after a teeth whitening session, as well. Water is naturally stain-free, so it’s a good choice for hydrating your teeth while maintaining a white smile. It’s also a good source of phosphorus, which is essential for strong bones and teeth.

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